Special attorney
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Civil service centers dept.
Jaber Al Ali Service Center ، Jahra Service Center ، Jleeb Al Shuyoukh Service Center ، Liberation Tower Service Center ، Sabah Al Ahmad Service Center ، Sabhan Service Center ، Yarmouk Service Center

1- Attendance of the person of interest or a power of attorney
2- Original agency if an attorney attends
3- Civil ID
4- Enterprise license in the case of agencies
5- Articles of incorporation of the company and amendment contracts extracted by the department recently from the Ministry of Commerce
6- To whom it may concern certificates (Ministry of Commerce and Industry)
7- Vehicle's Books if the agency was concerned with the car driving, shipping and travelling
8- Inheritance Inventory if it exists

Required documents

Civil ID

2 KWD Stamp
Used Forms


Time required for the transaction
15 minutes minimally
Location for transaction accomplishment

All centers operating in the service centers (except for Sedeeq Service Center - Rumaitheya Service Center - Avenues Service Center)

Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party

​Service Centers Department 

Other parties

Ministry of Foreign Affairs sometimes

Actions in the same building