Correcting a name
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Kinship and name correction pleading committee
Committee of Kinship and Name Correction (26 February Building)

Presence of the person of interest or an agent with 2 witnesses

Required documents

​Firstly: Kuwaitis

1- Copy of the nationality

2- Copy of the civil id

3- Copy of the birth certificate

4- Marriage certificate (for the married)

5- Birth certificate of the children

Secondly: Other nationalities
1- Passport copy
2- Civil ID
3- Birth certificate of the children
4- Job ID
5- Civil ID copy
6- Certificate from the embassy
7- Passport translation for foreigners
5 KWD Stamp
Used Forms

​Add the data of the applicant to the computer

Time required for the transaction
from 15-30 days depending on the applicants' attendance to the investigation sessions and the response received from the official correspondents Plus 30 days of publication in the Official Gazette after approval by the Committee
Location for transaction accomplishment

​Sharq, Block 7, Khalid Bin Waleed Street, Building 26 February​

Inquiry Numbers

​Operator: 22415830 - 22415866

Ext: 1301 - 1302 - 1303 - 1304

Concerned party

​Ancestry Claims Committee and Name Corrections

Other parties

​1- Criminal Evidence (Ministry of Interior)

2- Public Authority for Civil Information

3- Ministry of Defence

4- Central Register of Births and Deaths (Ministry of Health)

5- Department of Nationality

6- The Public Institution for Social Security

7- Banks​