Documentation of companies amendment contracts: Exit of a partner - Entry of new partners - consolidation of contracts - legal entity conversion - unwinding of contracts - partial waiver of shares - commercial license waiver - inclusion of a license
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Authentication dept.
Ministries Complex
Presence of the people of interest​ or a representative with a power of attorney

Required documents

​1- Letter issued by The Ministry of Commerce and Industry directed to The Ministry of Justice 

2- Original Civil Id's of the parties and copies of them

​​​​3- Origin and a copy of the documented power of attorney (to the rogatory commission) copy of the original provision of the guardian or trustee

4- Copy of the articles of incorporation followed by amending contracts if found

5- Copies of the notations issued by Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the following cases (Increasing or reducing the capital, amendment or cancellation of the name or business address, modifying or adding a business activity, authority of directors) 

6- In the case of consolidation, legal entity amendment or having a company as a party to the contract requesting a daily printout from The Ministry of Commerce and Industry

7- Legal entity amendment for the one person company, special project for The Ministry of Commerce is requested 

8- Legal entity amendment from a partnership to an investment company, a bank certificate or an opening  balance sheet is requested

9- A legal person from one of the parties requests a daily printout isuued by The Ministry of Commerce and Industry or a notation of the commercial register in the case of the amendment of the company name or the management terms. In the case of listed companies; a 'to whom it may concern' certificate issued by The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is requested (valid during the year in which it was issued) 

10- Limitation of succession for heirs contracts

11- Not gaining an appeal certificate for requesting special provisions on custodianship or inheritance

12- For adding a will in the contract, legitimate announcments and related provisions are requested 

3 KWD for the first page of the contract, 1 KWD for every other page. Fees are for all the copies except for the original version for The Ministry of Justice
Used Forms


Time required for the transaction
One hour (depends on the transaction)
Location for transaction accomplishment

​Ministries Complex, Ministry of Justice, Block 15, Ground Floor​

Inquiry Numbers


Concerned party

​Documentation Department

Other parties

​- Ministry of Justice 

- Ministry of Commerce and Industry​

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