Application procedure to enroll as a jury
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Judicial Arbitration dept.
Execution Seizers Building (Al-Ardiya Service Center + Judicial Arbitration Sector)

1- To have a Kuwaiti nationality
2- To have a praiseworthy conduct and a good reputation
3- To not have been dismissed from service by a disciplinary decision, which has not passed 3 years (the least) on it's issuance
4- To not have been sentenced on a felony to a custodial penalty , a misdemeanour or honour unless he has been rehabilitated
5- To have the appropriate practical or actual working experience endorsed by the Committee 

Required documents

1- Nationality Certificate
2- Civil ID
3- Original certificates for practical experience of the applicant with copies of them
4- Criminal record file of the applicant
5- Approval of the administrative authority that the applicant works for if he was a public official
6- Has obtained two training courses specialized for arbitration 
7- Passing the personal interview

No fees
Used Forms

Personal history forms of the applicant from the arbitrator's register for judicial arbitral tribunals

Time required for the transaction
Location for transaction accomplishment

Judicial Arbitration Department (Ardiya, first floor)

Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party

​Judicial Arbitration Department​

Other parties

Judicial Arbitration Department and Court of Appeal