716SilinkAdjust the data of the person concerned
712SilinkCertificate for a University, Real estate certificates proving the existence and non existence of a property
713SilinkCertificates for Intermediate Colleges, Real estate certificates proving the existence and non existence of a property
697SilinkConsensual contract cancellation
693SilinkConsolidation or consolidation and triage
704SilinkDamaged document replacement
695SilinkDeed of gift and irreversibility
708SilinkKuwait Credit Bank Certificates
711SilinkMinistry Of Health certificates, Real estate certificates proving the non existence of a property
710SilinkMinistry of Social Affairs and Zakat House certificates, Real estate certificates proving the existence and non existence of a property
703SilinkName Amendment
701SilinkProof of ownership
698SilinkProof of property owned by inheritance and disassociation
709SilinkPublic Authority For Housing Welfare Certificates (Rent Allowance)
714SilinkReal estate certificates for other authorities and organizations
696SilinkRegistering case files
699SilinkRegistration of provisions that include a right in real estate
706SilinkRequest a copy of a document
702SilinkRequest for a document replacement
715SilinkRequest for an inquiry
692SilinkSales contract issued by The Public Authority For Housing Welfare
707SilinkSearching for real estate possessions before 1959
863SilinkSelling by transferring the property between individuals
864SilinkSelling by transferring the property from an individual to a company or vice versa
865SilinkSelling the absolute ownership of the property or usufruct
705SilinkSpecial certificates on real estate status (Acknowledgement - Authorities)
733Silink1- Official Acknowledgement of a real estate donation 2- Acknowledgement of a donated property conditioned not to act with it and has the right of usufruct and accommodation 3- Donation contract 4- Acknowledgement of irreversibility with all of the above
729Silink1- Waiver statement and power of attorney 2- Official acknowledgement for pulling back a waiver statement
740SilinkA true copy of an official acknowledgement
728SilinkClearance acknowledgement and a partial elimination between two agents in a real estate agency
726SilinkClearance acknowledgement and the cancellation of a real estate agency
739SilinkClearance of an acknowledgement
724SilinkDocumentation of agreement contracts between initiators and The National Fund For Small and Medium Enterprises Development - Agreement contract - Acknowledgment of debt + Warranty - Power of attorney by the initiator for The National Fund or KPMG
722SilinkDocumentation of companies amendment contracts: Authorizing deviations to ammend a contract (removal) - ammending contracts involving the death of a partner
721SilinkDocumentation of companies amendment contracts: Exit of a partner - Entry of new partners - consolidation of contracts - legal entity conversion - unwinding of contracts - partial waiver of shares - commercial license waiver - inclusion of a license
720SilinkDocumentation of contracts for small vehicles companies
723SilinkDocumentation of corporate contracts at The Public Authority for Manpower - Corporate contracts amendment - Power of attorney for small enterprise companies - Power of attorney for firm foundation and amendment
719SilinkDocumentation of establishing contracts for fund-raising companies
718SilinkDocumentation of establishing contracts for listed companies
717SilinkDocumentation of firm foundation contracts: Limited Liability Company (LLC) - One-man Company - Joint Liability Company, Limited Partnership Company - Professional Firm - Non-Profit Company - Holding Company
725SilinkDocumentation of non-muslim contracts (of monotheistic religions): Marriage contracts - Marriage contracts ratification - dissolution of marriage contracts (only civil contracts issued by The Ministry of Justice) - Limitation of succession and will
736SilinkIssuing a true copy of the general agency, constitutive and amendment contracts
734SilinkOfficial acknowledgment of disassociating from the entitlement of real estate inheritance
737SilinkPower of attorney certificate or a ratified declaration
735SilinkReal estate agency
738SilinkRevoking an agency or setting it off
730SilinkSpecial power of attorney (real estate donation procedure)
731SilinkSpecial power of attorney (sales procedures)
732SilinkSpecial power of attorney for real estate mortgages and warranties