Proof of a revocable divorce: First, Second and Third by a courts sentence or a document issued outside Kuwait
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Legal affairs dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)

​1. Presence of one of the parties of evidence or a representative regarding marriage contracts issued from abroad

2. One of the parties in the foreign document has to have a Kuwaiti nationality

3. Contract issued by an Islamic authority, translated to Arabic and the translation should be done by the Ministry of Justice

4. Ratifying the document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs​ (in Kuwait)

Required documents

​1. Copy of marriage certificate, Appended court sentence implementation format

2. Civil ID for Kuwaiti husband and wife, Civil ID or passport for non-residents, Executive committee letter and an identification regarding illegal residents, Certificate for not getting an appeal and if there is an appeal then an Appellate Judgement is required with a certificate of not obtaining distinction​

Fixed fees: 3.000 KWD, Variable fees: 8.000 KWD in situations of transition from the department and the verdict is free of charge
Used Forms

​A special form (Evidence of divorce certificate)

Time required for the transaction
20 minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment

​Farwaniya courts complex​

Inquiry Numbers



Concerned party

​Legal Documentation Department

Other parties

​Family court documentation offices in the governorates of the state including Mahboula and Sabah Al Salem