Registration of misdemeanour appeals (Note: misdemeanours of the defendant sentenced to improsenment will be recorded)
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Court of appeal clerks dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)


Required documents

1- Notice of misdemeanour​ appeal attached with 4 copies

2- First instance provision

3- Appeal judgement 

4- Attorney

5- Opposition, if applicable

Note: Appellant or his agent must be present to sign the discrimantion statement of appeal 

In the case of discrimination from civil proceedings, a fee of 50 KWD is charged In the case of discrimination of civil claimants, a fee of 50 KWD is charged
Used Forms


Time required for the transaction
10 minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment

Farwaniya courts complex, 4th floor

Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party

​Court of appeal clerks 

Other parties