Ratification of external marriage contracts (outside Kuwait)
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Legal affairs dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)

​1. The contract has to be issued by an Islamic authority and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If it was in a non-Arabic language, then it has to be translated and ratified by the translation department in the Ministry of Justice

2. One end of the parties has to be Kuwaiti

3. Presence of one end of the parties or an agent.​

Required documents

​1. Civil ID or citizenship for Kuwaitis

2. Civil ID or passport for residents –a letter from the executive committee and an identity for illegal residents (for the parties of the ratification)

3. Marriage contract issued abroad​

Fixed fees: 1.000 KWD, Variable fees: 6.000 KWD in situations of transition from the department
Used Forms

​Marriage certificate

Time required for the transaction
15 minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment

​Farwaniya courts complex​

Inquiry Numbers



Website: moj.gov.kw

Concerned party

​Legal Documentation Department

Other parties

​Family court documentation offices in the governorates of the state including Mahboula and Sabah Al Salem