- Provide family counselling (social psychologist) with family problems (marriage or divorce) and examining the situation - Reconciliation or referring to legal documentation to complete divorce proceedings if it is not possible to reconcile
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Family consultancies dept.
jahra new courts complex ، Ahmadi Court ، Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y) ، Hawally Court

1- Presence of the husband and wife or their legal attorneys
2- Informing the wife of the divorce date by the declaration delegate in their absence or their representatives' absence

Required documents

1- Original marriage contract
2- Ratification of a foreign marriage contract from The Ministry of Exterior and the embassy contract
3- Original Civil ID
4- Special agency for divorce if an attorney attended
5- Letter from the Central Committee for illegal residents
6- Birth certificate of the son attending on behalf of his mother

No fees
Used Forms

- Appointment form
- Examine the situation form
- Report for attendance to reconcile
- Report for divorce appointment attendance to the clerks management of ports
- Referal form for the authenticator

Time required for the transaction
1 week to 3 week depending on the situation and the attendance of the parties
Location for transaction accomplishment

1- New Farwaniya Court (Ground Floor)
2- Ahmadi Courts Complex - 3rd Floor (Ahmadi and Mubarak Al Kabeer reviewers)
3- New Jahra Court (Ground Floor)
4- Hawali Court - Litigation Building (First Floor)

Inquiry Numbers

1- Family Counseling Department, New Farwaniya Court, Al Reggaie, Ground Floor, Fax: 24991427
2- Ahmadi Courts Complex, operator: 1883300, Ext: 3051-3054
3- Jahra Court, Fax: 24562031
4- Hawali Court, Litigation Building, Fax: 22672272

Concerned party

​Family Counseling Department

Other parties

- Family Counseling Department
- Reception and Social Research
- Announcements Department
- Legitimate Authentications Department (Ministry of Justice)