Filing civil appeals
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Court of appeal clerks dept.
Justice Palace ، Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y) ، Ahmadi Court ، Hawally Court ، jahra new courts complex


Required documents

​1. Receipt of attaining a resumption bail: copy of first-instance judgement

2. Late rent payment receipt (rental) until filing the case

3. Appeal paper and copies of it per respondent, 2 copies each and a copy of the file. If the applicant was submitting the appeal, then a copy of the civil id has to be attached.

Variable fees: 1- Resumption bail for all cases is 50 KWD and motion for reconsideration bail is 20 KWD 2- Rental cases resumption bail is 20 KWD 3- Interpretation of judgement cases and lawyer fees estimation stamp is 5 KWD Duty free: 1- Labor cases 2- Exemption of the government from judicial fees
Used Forms


Time required for the transaction
10 minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment

- ​Justice Palace, Sixth Floor, Court of appeal, the register, Room 708​

- Regai Courts Complex, Fourth Floor

- Ahmadi Courts Complex, Ground Floor, The register, Room 42

- Hawali Courts Complex, Ground Floor, The register, Room 16

- Jahra Courts Complex, 15th Floor, Room: 7​

Inquiry Numbers


Concerned party

​Court of appeal clerks 

Other parties

​The file to be signed by a lawyer 

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