Operational format
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Family court clerks dept. in court of first instance
Family Court (Ahmadi) ، Family Court (Al Asma) ، Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y) ، Hawally Family Court

​Attached with the application:

1. Hiring a lawyer

2. Lawyers' ID has to be valid

3. Civil ID

4. ID of the representative​

Required documents

​1. Hiring the lawyer papers

2. Lawyers Association ID

3. Copy of Civil ID

4. Certificate of non-appeal​​

1 KWD Stamp, 0.5 KWD Stamp
Used Forms

​Form from the courts clerks delivering judicial procedures and a form to photocopy documents

Time required for the transaction
5 minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment

​Family Court​

Inquiry Numbers


Ext: 245-247

Concerned party

​Family Court Clerks in The Regional Court

Other parties

​1. Prosecution office

2. The Register

3. Announcements department

4. Secretaries department​