Claim an alimony
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Family Fund Insurance dept.
Family Court (Ahmadi)

1- No amounts could be collected from the execution file

2- One side of the parties has to be Kuwaiti

Required documents

1- Copy of the judicial procedures of the alimony sentencing, declared with a valid and legal declaration, stamped with a replica seal by the sentence enforcements department of the family court or the implementation department

2- Certificate from the implementation department indicating that the debtor's funds could not be executed, non- collection of funds from him to benefit the sentenced and for the certificate validity to be used for one year which needs to be renewed by the expiration of the period

Used Forms

1- Apply for an alimony from the beneficiary to the fund management to get an alimony

2- Private data about the sentenced person and his work place

Time required for the transaction
1- 2 weeks 2- If the application was submitted before the 14th then the payment will be made during the same month, if the application was submitted after the 15th then the payment will be made the next month
Location for transaction accomplishment

Mahboula, Building (F), Ahmadi Family Court

Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party

​Family Insurance Fund Department 

Other parties

1- Public Administration for Implementation

2- Regional Court Clerks

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