Consider legal seperation issues by arbitrators enrolled in the courts register for any damages (sentence of the husband/wife/reference)
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Family consultancies dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y) ، Ahmadi Court ، jahra new courts complex

​1- Refer the case to the management by all the court's grades

2- Reviewing the parties of the case (personally) with the management to schedule an interview with the arbitrator

3- Calling the parties for scheduling an appointment for an interview with the arbitrator

Required documents

​1- Refer the case letter attached with the court sentence assigned by the department to appoint the sentence (determining the type of sentence) 

2- Case File (all documents provided in the case from reports and sentences etc.)

3- If the court has assigned a sentence from a reference, it must provide (Report of the husband's sentence - Report of the wife's sentence)

4- Civil ID of the parties in the case

5- Witnesses

Used Forms

​- Scheduling an appointment form

- Tribunal's report

- Referral letter to trial

Time required for the transaction
3 weeks to 1 month
Location for transaction accomplishment

​1- Farwaniya Court, Ground Floor (Experts of family conflicts department)

2- Ahmadi Courts Complex, 3rd Floor

3- New Jahra Court, Ground Floor

Inquiry Numbers

​1- New Farwaniya Court (Al Regaie), Fax: 24991427

2- Ahmadi Courts Complex: 1883300, Ext: 3051-3054

3- New Jahra Court, Fax: 24562031

Concerned party

​Family Counseling Department

Other parties

​1- Court Clerks Department and Tribunals (Regional/Appeal)

2- Family Counseling Department, Experts of family conflicts department

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