Request to copy documents from a sub-file (authorized by the court)
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Central Archive dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)


Required documents

​1- Civil ID of the applicant

2- Work ID for government requests​​

​3- Warrant from the Technical Bureau of the court

Used Forms
Request to copy documents from a sub-file form
Time required for the transaction
2 days
Location for transaction accomplishment

General Directorate of Experts​​

Inquiry Numbers

​1882200 ext: 4304

Concerned party

​Public Adminstration for Experts

Other parties

- ​Registry and Archives Department in the Headquarters

- Office of the Director of Adminstration

- Specialized Deputy Director

- Department Head

- Expert


​Request form sent with any notes, images or documents to the emails below according to the governorate;

- Ahmadi Experts:

- Hawaly Experts:

- Jahra Experts:

- Asimah Experts:

- Mubarak Al Kabeer experts:

- Farwaniya experts:

- Office of the Chief of the General Directorate of Experts:​