Warnings 1- Official warning 2- Exposed warning
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Administrative affairs dept.
General Directorate of Implementation (Al Watiya)

Printing Office: Origin and copy 

Required documents

Civil ID or power of attorney and the address of the announcee

- 0.5 KWD for an official warning - 1 KWD for an exposed warning
Used Forms

The printed warning stamped by the announcements department 

Time required for the transaction
It takes approximately 3-5 days for the announcement to be made
Location for transaction accomplishment

- Souk Al Watiya, 6th Floor, Room 17
- Mubarak Al Kabeer, Announcements Department, 3rd Floor, Room 383

Inquiry Numbers

Follow-up and citizen service office
Ext. 131

Concerned party

​Public Adminstration for Implementation

Other parties

- Announcements Department
- Provisions Registration
- Announcements delegate