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Capital Governorate execution dept. ، Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate execution Dept.
General Directorate of Implementation (Al Watiya)

1- The provision to be final
2- To not have other seizures
3- By order of a judge, the implementation includes expedited enforceability and without providing a guarantee

Required documents

Civil ID of the person performs the exchange (Right of exchange) or the power of attorney of the agent

Used Forms

Disbursement authority form

Time required for the transaction
Approximately 30 minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment

- Souk Al Watiya, 6th Floor, Room 20 or 28
- Mubarak Al Kabeer, Implementation, 3rd Floor, Finance Department, Room 343

Inquiry Numbers

Follow-up and citizen service office
Ext. 131

Concerned party

​Public Adminstration for Implementation

Other parties

Archiving Department, Room 10