Certificate for not obtaining an appeal
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Court of appeal clerks dept.
Justice Palace


Required documents

​1. Copy of the trial judgement​ handed down by the sentences issued before the year 1996, and if the​ trial judgement​ was handed down in absentia then a copy of the declared sentence has to be provided

2. Copy of the sentences issued by the court of first instance, a letter addressed to us from the general investigation services requesting a judges' response

3. Copy of the application submitted requesting a judges' response in the appeals chambers 

Fixed fees: 0.500 KWD stamp, Variable fees: 2 KWD stamp in case the certificate is ratified abroad
Used Forms

​Non-appeal certificate form

Time required for the transaction
15 minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment

​Justice Palace, Sixth Floor, Court of appeal, the register, Room 708​

Inquiry Numbers


Concerned party

​Court of appeal clerks 

Other parties