Drafting a case file according to article (109) of act no 61 of the year 1976 for social security, Queries and memorandums of the technical office adversaries and administration departments, Certificate of non-appeal
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Court of appeal clerks dept. ، Judicial fees dept.
Ahmadi Court ، jahra new courts complex ، Justice Palace

​Personal presence of the claimant, respondent or their representative with a power of attorney​​

Required documents

​1. Copy of the initial judgement or an appeal judgement

2. Adversaries address​

Variable fees: 1- Appeal for all cases 50 KWD to ensure resumption 2- Appeal for review resumption 50 KWD 3- Rental cases resumption 20 KWD 4- Interpretation of judgement and attorney fees cases: 5 KWD stamp Duty free: 1- Labor cases 2- Exemption of the government from judicial fees
Used Forms

​- Appeal file

- Certificate of non-appeal

Time required for the transaction
Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour
Location for transaction accomplishment

​- Justice Palace, Sixth floor, Room 732, Prosecutors office

- Ahmadi courts complex, Second floor, Room 254 and 210

- Jahra courts complex, Floor 15, Room 11

Inquiry Numbers

​- 22998256

- 22998489

Concerned party

​Court of appeal clerks 

Other parties

​- Judicial fees department, Fourth floor, Room 506

- The court of appeal announcements department, Sixth floor, Room 740

- The court of appeal register, Sixth floor, Room 708