A real estate seizure order
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Capital Governorate execution dept. ، Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate execution Dept.
General Directorate of Implementation (Al Watiya)

The provision to be final or included in an expedited enforceability
An official certificate from the real estate registration 

Required documents

1- Civil ID of the defendant
2- Address of the defendant
3- Agency of the claimant in the case of an attorney

Used Forms

Real estate seizure order form

Time required for the transaction
Appointment in 3 days
Location for transaction accomplishment

- Souk Al Watiya, 6th Floor, Room 20 or 28
- Mubarak Al Kabeer, Implementation, 3rd Floor, individuals room 352, companies room 300

Inquiry Numbers

Follow-up and citizen service office
Ext. 131

Concerned party

​Public Adminstration for Implementation

Other parties

- Ministry of Justice
- Real estate registration and authentication
- Regional court
- Sales judge to perform the sale