Equivocality File
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Family court clerks dept. in court of first instance
Family Court (Ahmadi) ، Family Court (Al Asma) ، Hawally Family Court ، Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)

​1. Equivocality file with 4 copies signed by an attorney

2. ID or an agency

3. Stamp from the prosecution office

4. Stamp from the announcements department

5. Stamp from the customs department

6. Stamp from the register to schedule the hearing date​

Required documents

​1. Marriage certificate

2. Divorce deed

3. Mukhala'ah testimony

4. Custody agreement with child support and rent

5. Civil ID

6. Copy of the sentence date​

3 KWD stamp + 30 KWD Kafala receipt
Used Forms

​Case File (Equivocality) 

Time required for the transaction
30 – 45 minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment

​- Family Court 

- Regional court prosecution office

Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party

​Family Court Clerks in The Regional Court​

Other parties

​- Announcements department 

- Legal fees department 

- The register 

- Implementation department