1- Verifying announcements 2- Receiving announcements and distributing them to delegates 3- Announcing judicial documents 4- Outcome of the announcement payment 5- Extracting maps from the GiS system
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Court of appeal clerks dept.
Justice Palace

In the case of verifying; region, block, street, house number, floor, apartment and the electronic number of the address must be available

Required documents

​1. Original appeal

2. Warnings

3. Penalties

4. Cases not recorded 

Original files only
Used Forms

​1. Appeal

2. Announcement files for cases to be declared by diplomatic means

3. Notification through registered mail through the Ministry of communication

4. List of registered missions sent to the Ministry of communication

5. Warnings

6. Penalties 

Time required for the transaction
1-3 days to announce the defendant 2- Announcements declared by diplomatic means with Arabic countries take 2 months and with foreign countries take 3 months 3- Announcements of multilateral adversity (takes 3- 30 days) 4-Mail notifications take 24 hours
Location for transaction accomplishment

​Justice Palace, Sixth floor, Court of appeal, Room 741​

Inquiry Numbers

​- 22998714

- 22998715

Concerned party

​Court of appeal clerks 

Other parties

​1. Ministry of Interior (Police stations)

2. Ministry of Justice (Penal execution department and external communications departments)

3. Ministry of communication (General post department)