Deed of gift and irreversibility
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Real estate registration dept.
Ministries Complex ، Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y) ، Ahmadi Court ، jahra new courts complex

1- If the property is encumbered, the debtor has to attach a letter of agreement to transfer the property 
2- In the case of irreversibility from one of the parents, a signature of the benefactor is content and a statement to apply for registration according to the model prepared by the department stating that there is no problem in moving back on the deed and it is a condition of changing the real estate description or the death of one of the parties
3- Leave of the court is required for irreversibility, except for the parents or by the agreement of both parties and signing on the management model by registration  

Required documents

In the case of first-instance deed of gift (Spouses, Father, Mother and the children)
1- Original document
2- Civil ID copy
3- Proof of kinship

In the case of another deed of gift

1- Original document
2- Certificate of description and an assessment letter from the Municipality
3- Proof of kinship
4- Civil ID copy

Used Forms

​- Fourth module

- First module

Time required for the transaction
One hour to one day
Location for transaction accomplishment

Real estate registration branches:
1- Real estate registration department in Al Asma governorate (Ministries Complex, Block 15, First Floor)
2- Real estate registration department in Farwaniya governorate (Farwaniya Courts Complex)
3- Real estate registration department in Ahmadi governorate (Ahmadi Court)
4- Real estate registration department in Jahra governorate (Jahra New Courts Complex)​

Inquiry Numbers

​- 22486508

- 22486542

Concerned party

Real estate registration department 

Other parties

Internal authorities:
1- Technical affairs monitoring
2- Contract monitoring
3- Stock control

External authorities:
1- Court (Justice Palace)