Certificates permit
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Court of appeal clerks dept.
Ahmadi Court ، Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)


Required documents

​1- Reviewing the applicant, agent or the legal representative of the government authorities for the head of the following-up departments' signature on the requested certificate 

2- Reviewing the observor for the signature on the requested certificate

3- Power of attorney copy​

Fixed fees: 0.5 KWD stamp for appliccants requests on copies of provisions and permits, Variable fees: 0.5 KWD stamp for each document
Used Forms


Time required for the transaction
5 minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment

​- Farwaniya courts complex, 15th floor, Room 1535

- Ahmadi courts complex, Second Floor, Room 258

Inquiry Numbers


Concerned party

​Court of appeal clerks

Other parties