Real estate agency
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Ministries Complex

It is a special agency entitled for the owner to transfer his property under his name or the name of another and it is considered a preliminary contract of sale that does not transfer properties

Required documents

1- Original document 
2- Attendance of both parties or their representatives
3- Free the property from mortgages, reservations or preventions from transferring properties 

500 KWD for every property value that has exceeded (100,000 KWD) 2/1% of the property value if the property costed less than 100,000 KWD (Personal attendance of the person of interest)
Used Forms


Time required for the transaction
Location for transaction accomplishment

Ministries Complex, Ministry of Justice, Block 15, First Floor, Real estate agencies department 

Inquiry Numbers

- 22486550
- 22486594
- 22486514
- 22486516

Concerned party

​Documentation Department

Other parties

The funds