Official Statement (The Will and Termination)
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Legal affairs dept.
Family Court (Ahmadi) ، Family Court (Capital) ، Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)

​1. Presence of the involved parties and the witnesses

2. Identification of the involved parties and the witnesses​

Required documents

​1. Civil id for each of the testator, the testamentary and the witnesses

2. Original property ownership document and a copy (for the will and termination of real estate)

3. Inspector's evidence of termination and the involved party regarding cancelling their attendance with the witnesses, their evidence and the official statement of the original will or termination​

Fixed fees: 1.000 KWD, Variable fees: 2.000 KWD, To transfer a will or Termination: 5.000 KWD
Used Forms

​One third or a good deed will

Underage will

Atomic Termination

Charity Termination

Time required for the transaction
20 minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment

​Farwaniya courts complex and family court documentation offices

Inquiry Numbers



Concerned party

​Legal Documentation Department 

Other parties

​- Public Authority for Civil Information 

- Management of systems development in the Ministry of Justice