Court services dept.

Citizen Service Department 
Department Terms of Reference:
1)Reply to the inquiries of citizens, direct them and receive their complaints and transactions by the various personal means directly or indirectly, investigate then transfer them to the concerned entity in the Ministry to find the appropriate solution for their speedy completion.
2)Follow up the progress of the transaction or complaint in the concerned authority of the Ministry and notify the citizen of the result of his transaction or complaint.
3)Provide assistance to the applicants or refer them to the concerned body to complete their transactions. 
4)Post general signage in the Ministry building to guide the public and visitors to their destinations.
The organizational structure of the Department consists of a manager, controller, a secretarial section and Nos. 6 service offices of the level of a section (distributed to the governorates) in the following manner:
First; the Citizen Service Department manager undertakes the responsibility for its operations, and is specialized with the following:
1)Distribution of tasks to the personnel in the citizen service offices
2)General supervision of the progress of work in the Department. 
3)Supervision, direction, planning and follow up of all the works performed by the citizen service offices.
4)Verify the implementation of the decisions, regulations and procedures stipulated by the decree No.271/2002 for setting up the citizen service department and evaluation of the government bodies.
5)Other works assigned to him.

Second: the Department controller undertakes the following duties; 
1)Direct supervision of the works of personnel in the service offices and verify the compliance of each one of them with his job duties and specializations. 
2)Assist the Department manager in the tasks mandated to him and represent him in undertaking his terms of reference in the event of his absence.

Third: Secretariat Section, accountable to the Department manager directly, specialized with the following; 
1)Undertake the typing and photocopying works for the Department. 
2)Receive the incoming letters and correspondences to the Department, register them in the registers prepared for this purpose, then present them to the Department manager to take the appropriate actions in this respect, and keep copies thereof. 
3)Send the letters or correspondences issued by the Department, whether inside or outside the Ministry, after recording them in the registers allocated for this purpose, and keep copies thereof.
4)Supervise the official working hours of the Department personnel. 
5)Coordinate between the Administrative and Financial Affairs Departments of the Ministry in all matters relevant to the employment conditions of the Department personnel (such as leaves, increments, promotions, etc.)
6)Prepare the personal and organization custodies disbursement application forms, and following up their processing, in coordination with the concerned departments in the Ministry.
7)Receive stationary and custodies and distribute them to the Department personnel, as per their needs, and register them in the records prepared for this purpose.
8)Other works assigned to him.

Fourth: every citizen service office, within its governorate, shall have the following terms of reference: 
1)Receive the transactions and complaints of citizens by all personal means directly or indirectly. 
2)Reply to the inquiries of citizens and direct them, then conduct initial investigation of their transactions and complaints before referring them to the concerned bodies in the Ministry. 
3)Examine and study the complaint submitted by all its office and field forms, then refer it to the concerned body in the Ministry to find the appropriate solution for its prompt processing. 
4)Follow up the progress of the transaction or complaint in the Ministry concerned entity.
5)Notify the citizen of the result of his transaction or complaint. 
6)Provide assistance to the visitors and guide them to the concerned body to process their transactions and furnish them with the required information and details in this respect. 
7)Post general signage in the Ministry building to guide the public and visitors to their destination. 
8)Prepare periodical and analytical statistical reports of the citizens transactions or complaints which have been processed and have not been processed, escorted with the required recommendations. 
9)Other works assigned to him

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