Systems development dept.

Systems Development Department
Terms of reference:
It is specialized in the studies of projects related to the development of systems, operation procedures, and documentation saving systems using computers in the Ministry,  preparing the processes for automated processing and follow-up technical maintenance in accordance with the needs of the beneficiaries and provide technical advice in these areas.

The organizational structure of the Department consists of the following organizational units:
•Project Planning Control, consisting of two parts:
o Project Planning Section, specialized in the following:
1.Prepare annual plans and timetables to implement the projects of the general plan of the sector.
2.Establish and develop technical patterns and procedures related to systems and programs in line with the business needs and objectives of the sector.
3.Design systems and procedures to ensure the control systems in the Department.
4.Provide the sector with technical references.
o Human Resources Planning Section, specialized with the following:
1.Assess the needs of technical staff in the field of systems development.
2.Develop manpower supply plans and follow-up their qualification plans to provide for the needs of task forces in coordination with other units and control administrative coordination.
3.Develop training and rehabilitation plans for technical staff.
4.Forming the teams necessary to implement the project plans in cooperation with the relevant project officer.
•Projects Implementation Control, consisting of two parts:
o Automated Systems Section, specialized in the following:
1.Implementation of the project plans assigned to the Section within the framework of feasibility studies and timetables set for the phases of the project.
2.Supervise the work of the task forces to ensure adherence to the approved timetables and overcome the problems that prevent them, ensure the use of the patterns, methods and technical procedures prescribed, and the integration of documentary documentation of the project on timely basis and at the end of each stage of implementation.
3.Test the automated systems that have been developed to ensure their safety and achieve all the requirements required before delivery to the beneficiary.
o Documentation Storage Systems, specialized in the following:
1.Preparation of studies on electronic documentation image of documents, circulated documents in the courts and departments of the Ministry, in coordination with the relevant authorities in this regard.
2.Design of the indexing, classification and listing systems for documents.
3.Developing a system for handling, updating and maintaining documents files.
• Project Follow-up Control, consisting of two parts:
o Production Quality Section, specialized in the following:
1.Progressive follow-up of projects under development.
2.Ensure the integrity of documentary documentation for each stage of project development.
3.Ensuring adherence to the types, methods and technical specifications adopted for the new systems.
4.Follow-up technical evaluation of individuals.
o System Maintenance Section, specializes in the following:
1.Receiving automated systems that are developed and included in the production register for follow-up of their maintenance.
2.Study the problems resulting in the programs of automated systems under maintenance to find the appropriate technical solutions in cooperation with the concerned authorities.
3.Study the amendments proposed by the beneficiaries to the systems or programs implemented to meet new needs or implement new laws or regulations.

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