Statistics and research dept.

Department of Statistics and Research
Terms of reference:
It is responsible for conducting statistical studies and researches in the fields of justice, judgments and all statistical activities in the Ministry, collecting data and statistical information from the various Ministry departments, issuing and distributing this information. It also coordinates with the Central Statistics Department in the Ministry of Planning on the implementation of the general statistical policies, as well as providing other government departments concerned with data and responding to their inquiries, and oversee the preparation of publications and statistical bulletins on the cases and provide them to the requesting parties, to organize a library and the preparation of operational and training plan for the sector, in coordination with the Administrative Development, Training and Planning Department.

The organizational structure of the Department consists of the following organizational units:
•Research and Studies Control
It is concerned with the preparation of statistical and field studies in the fields of socio-economic phenomena and data collected from other sources in relation to the Ministry's activity. It consists of two sections, as follows:
 o Statistical Studies Section, specialized in the following:
1.Collect statistical data related to the activity of the Ministry and the different departments, processing, analyzing and keeping these data according to the appropriate scientific methods while ensuring the confidentiality of individual data.
2.Collecting the statistical data received by the departments from any entity, whether inside or outside the Ministry, and keeping them in a structured archive.
3.Conducting statistical studies on available data.
o Field Research Section, specialized in the following:
Conduct field research in terms of design, implementation, analysis and extraction of results in accordance with the need of work and in coordination with the judicial organs of the Ministry and the relevant external bodies.
•Statistics Control, specialized in the issuance of statistical reports and publications, and consists of two sections:
o Statistical Reports Section, specialized with the following:
1.Compiling data and statistics required for the issuance of the annual statistical book.
2.Compiling data and statistics necessary for the preparation of special bulletins and periodic statistical reports.
3.The proposal of statistics and tables to be published, which reflect the activity of the judiciary and the organs of the Ministry.
o Follow-up and Distribution Section, specialized in the following:
1.Technical supervision of the preparation of various statistical publications and bulletins
2.Providing external and internal bodies with statistical publications and books, in coordination with the competent authorities in the Ministry.

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