Operating dept.

Operating Department
 Department Terms of reference:
It is responsible for developing and implementing the necessary plans for the proper use of the automated and human material available in the sector to implement the automated systems included in the production register, setting standards for performance and production, designing and implementing the control system, security, technical procedures, computer operating modes, coordinating with direct contact units, databases, Inspection and delivery of outputs.
The organizational structure of the Department consists of the following organizational units:
•Operations Planning Control, consisting of two parts:
o The Operating Procedures Section, specialized in the following:
1.Setting standards for performance in operating departments and technical support.
2.Design, adopt and monitor the use of models, records, procedures and methods necessary to tighten the workflow within the Operation Department.
3.Develop the main structure of the storage and recovery operations and follow up with the responsible section.
4.Supervise the record of the permitted patterns to use and the procedures applicable in the Operation Department and follow up the same with continuous update.
5.Coordinating with the competent units when implementing changes in the ready programs, operations or automated units or procedures and methods of work.
6.Conduct periodic analysis of production errors.
7.Observe conducting the applications being used and coordinate with different departments to reach the highest level of performance.
8.Follow the new development in the global market for different operating systems and update their users constantly
o Production Resources Planning Section, specialized with the following:
1.Develop automated upload plans and analytical study procedures for actual uploading and production.
2.Determine the Department’s needs from operating resources, personnel, equipment and utility programs.
3.Determine the needs of the installation of new machines including the main computers, the assistance and the network of information transfer (LAN, WAN) and its affiliated devices, as well as upervise the testing and installation processes.
4.Participate in the development of specifications and study the offers for the supply of new equipment and accessories and evaluation in coordination with the departments concerned.
5.Supervise the conclusion of maintenance contracts for the hardware and software and all licenses related to their operation and follow up the implementation of these contracts with the suppliers companies.
6.Develop training plans for technical staff to operate computers, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
7.Design and use the necessary software for the operations of disbursement and supply of equipment and systems from the Department stores and carry out the warehousing work for the operation materials and its needs.
8.Provide technical advice to the beneficiaries to establish the halls and centers of automation in the various sub-sites.
9.Develop appropriate security systems for data and individuals and provide appropriate means to protect places and machines and follow up their implementation.
• Operations Implementation Control, consisting of nine sections:
o Computer Operation Section, specialized in the following:
1.Follow the  security system and procedures within the computer room and notify the specialists of the gaps to be addressed to tighten those systems and procedures.
2.Ensure the continuous operation of the systems.
3.Informing the suppliers of the faults and ensuring the company's attention for the speed of repair.
4.Implementation of automated processing on time and set priorities.
5.Ensure that all automated outputs have been produced as required and delivered to the Operations Control Section.
6.Notify the concerned authorities of any delay in service.
7.Undertake periodical and regular maintenance.
8.Submit a periodic report of hardware failures to the concerned authorities.
o Operating Systems Section, specialized in the following:
1.Design the operating systems.
2.Create and maintain operating system software.
3.Remedy problems that appear in operating system software.
o Personal Computer Section, specialized in the following:
1.Provide a security system to protect the machines' automated files.
2.Organize the use of databases.
3.Provide technical support to users, solve the technical problems they face and coordination with the concerned authorities.
4.Check and keep the original copies of programs and references.
5.Install ready software.
o Operation and Maintenance Section in the capital Governorate.
o Operation and Maintenance Section in Hawally Governorate.
o Operation and Maintenance Section in Farwaniya Governorate.
o Operation and Maintenance Section in Jahra Governorate.
o Operation and Maintenance Department in Ahmadi Governorate
o Operation and Maintenance Section in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate
Each of these sections is specialized in the following:
1.Conducting Help Desk activities.
2.Follow up the operation of the main computers and auxiliary units of computers and printers, and ensure the continued efficiency of operation.
3.Implementation of automated processing work on time.
4.Prepare a periodic report on the failures of the systems and submit them to the Operations Execution Control.
5.Save data using different means.
6.Address the problems encountered by the beneficiaries in the main systems and assistance in coordination with the concerned departments.
7.Follow-up of the LAN (WAN) data transfer lines network and maintain the efficiency of its operation to ensure that the beneficiaries receive this service quickly, accurately and regularly.
• Operations Control, consisting of seven sections:
o Operations Processing and Support Section, responsible for the following:
1.Examination of data quality and recording  them on automatic storage media.
2.Preparation of data recording programs.
3.Process operations processes procedures.
4.Checking the register of production processes to confirm the implementation and recording processes.
5.Supervise the library of tapes, discs and other storage media and monitor the organization of their circulation.
6.Implementation of procedures for the retrieval of copies supporting all automated files and keeping them inside and outside the Department.
7.Allocate appropriate areas for production processes and test files to meet the requests of the beneficiaries.
8.Laying the foundations and arrangements for the retrieval of information from different storage media.
9.Submit a periodic report.
oJudicial Inquiry Section in the Capital Governorate.
oJudicial Inquiry Section in Farwaniya Governorate.
oJudicial Inquiry Section in Hawally Governorate.
oJudicial Inquiry Section in Jahra Governorate.
oJudicial Inquiry Section in Ahmadi Governorate
oJudicial Inquiry Section in Mubarak Al Kabeer Governorate

Each of these sections shall be specialized with the following:
1.Reply to the inquiries of the applicants and representatives for the various data present about the Ministry systems.
2.Extract certificates and reports on the cases of various types.
3.Provide inquiry service for all the contents of cases, judgments and hearings.
4.Unify the systems and procedures of data processing and coordination with the beneficiaries to lay down the suitable controls.
5.Follow up and control the data to verify them in coordination with the concerned section and inform the concerned authorities.
6.Provide support and assistance in connection with the methods and ways of processing and registering data.
7.Control congestions leading to the delay of work and coordinate with the concerned bodies.
•Documentation Processing Control, consisting of two sections:
oDocumentation Preparation and Processing Section, specialized with the following:
1.All documents from their sources in the Ministry departments.
2.Process the documents whereby they are ready for photocopying.
3.Identify the documents required to be microfilmed in coordination with the beneficiary departments.
4.Other relevant works assigned to it.
oMicrofilming Section, specialized with the following;
1.Microfilming documents on microfilm tapes.
2.Storing the tapes.
3.Preparing the required indexes for the retrieval processes

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