Technical Support dept.

Technical Support Department

Department Terms of Reference
The Department is specialized in providing technical support to the various departments of the sector and beneficiary bodies of its services in the Ministry, in addition to the implementation of technical methods and standards, design and administration of databases, participation in the readymade software and hardware.
The Department organizational structure consists of the following organizational  units;
•First: Technical Development Control, consisting of two sections:
oAutomated Systems Planning Section, specialized with the following:
1.Develop long-term plans for machines and operating system programs in the sector.
2.Studying the different alternatives of machines and programs of operating systems.
3.Conduct practical experiments on these alternatives and recommend them.
o Operating Systems Evaluation Section, specialized in the following:
1.Evaluate the performance of machines and operating system programs and prepare technical reports in this regard.
2.Provide technical recommendations to make the necessary modifications in the machines and programs of the operating systems on the short-term that will upgrade the level of performance.
3.Create and maintain the technical library of the magnetic media containing the drivers.
4.Keep operating system software documents.
5.Prepare, distribute and maintain the standards manual.
6.The development of new standards and the development, documentation and generalization of technical models and procedures.
•Operating Systems Control, consisting of three sections:
o Information Security Section, specialized with the following:
1.Establish special security procedures for the devices and networks in coordination with the competent department.
2.Coordination with the supplier company regarding the requirements of the automated systems.
3.Follow up the implementation of security procedures and address any problems that appear in this regard.
o Information Transmission Network Section, specialized with the following:
1.Supervise the network of communication lines and the efficiency of its operation to ensure that beneficiaries receive this service accurately and regularly.
2.Address the problems encountered by the beneficiaries during the access to the service and identify the faults that occur on the network, whether they relate to lines of communication or control units or units of direct contact or operating systems, and follow-up treatment of these failures and problems with the competent authorities.
3.Test and report the acceptance of all engineering devices, units, lines and equipment directly from the engineering aspects.
4.Provide the Department with a regular statement of the problems that occur in the network of information transmission and its effects, the procedures taken to remedy them and the proposed solutions.
5.Design and development of communication systems.
6.The establishment and maintenance of the drivers that control the transmission or processing of information.
7.Design and experiment the network of communications linking departments, branches and others with the computers of the sector.
o The Internet Section, specialized with the following:
1.Design the Ministry's main website.
2.Updating the site on a daily basis in cooperation with the departments of the Ministry.
3.Designing specialized sites offering specialized services for different segments.
4.Design of an internal site of the Ministry.
5.Developing, updating and maintaining various sites.
•Databases Control, consisting of two parts:
o Database Design and Support Section, which specializes in the following:
1.Database design.
2.Ensuring good database performance.
3.Handle errors that appear in databases and prevent them from being handled.
4.Prepare and document supporting programs that enable users of databases to deal with them easily.
5.Design the databases and link them together according to the prescribed patterns.
6.Develop a system that ensures confidentiality of data.
7.Designing the applications' teleprocessing processes.
8.Develop procedures for dealing with databases.
o Ready Programs Section, which is specialized in the following:
1.Review the available software bulletins and recommend the acquisition of the useful ones.
2.Establishing, maintaining and documenting ready-made programs and training beneficiaries on their use.
3.Making necessary improvements to the ready software to meet the needs of their users

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