Inheritance Inventory
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Legal affairs dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y) ، jahra new courts complex ، Ahmadi Court

​The applicant must be one of the legal heirs that has reached the age of adultery (21 years old) or a representative on their behalf

Required documents

​1. Original death certificate

2. Ascertainment of the deceased and evidence of all heirs

3. Kids birth certificates (if the deceased was a female and a mother)

4. Marriage or divorce certificate of the deceased

5. 2 witnesses that are not inheritors (adults 21 years)

6. If the heirs were brothers, then they must bring their birth certificates​

Fixed fees: 1.000 KWD, Variable fees: 5.000 KWD in situations of transition from the department
Used Forms

​Inheritance Inventory Information

Procedure of transaction 

Time required for the transaction
30 minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment

​Legal Documentation Department (Farwaniya Courts Complex), Mubarak Al Kabeer and Ahmadi Administrative Office (Ahmadi Courts Complex), Jahra court

Inquiry Numbers



Concerned party

​Legal Documentation Department

Other parties

​- Public Authority for Civil Information 

- Management of systems development in the Ministry of Justice