Approvals of foreign marriage contracts (from outside Kuwait)
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Legitimate authentication dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y) ، Ahmadi Court ، Jahra Service Center ، Liberation Tower Service Center
The contract is issued by an Islamic entity and authenticated by Kuwaiti Foreign Affairs Ministry. If in non-Arabic language, it shall be translated and certified by the Ministry of Justice. Once of contracting parties is Kuwaiti Attendance of one of the certification parties or the attorney of one of them
Required documents
Contract is issued by other countries Civil ID or citizenship card for Kuwaitis Civil ID or passport for non-Kuwaitis For illegal residents, letter of the Executive Committee and the Personal Identification (for both parties)
Fixed Fees: One KD Variable Fees: Six KD in case of moving out of the department
Used Forms
A document certifying a marriage
Time required for the transaction
Fifteen Minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment
Legal Documentation Department (Farwaniya Courts Complex) Administrative Office for Ahmadi and Mubarak Al Kabeer(Ahmadi Courts Complex) Al Jahra' Tower Service Center Al Tahrir Tower Service Center
Inquiry Numbers
Switch: 1882200 Internal: 3209 Hotline: 24801809 Fax: 24801737 E-mail: Laud@mojgovkw Website: mojgovkw
Concerned party
Legal Documentation
Other parties
Public Authority for Civil Information - Department of Systems Development at the Ministry of Justice
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