Document marriage and dissolution thereof for non-Muslims and ratification of marriage contracts
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Authentication dept.
Ministries Complex
1 Attendance of the concerned persons 2 Attendance of 2 (male) witnesses 3 Consult the office from Sunday to Wednesday
Required documents
1 Written approval by the Church in Kuwait 2 Written approval by the Embassy 3 Submit the notarized marriage contract to the State of Kuwait in case of annulment. 4 All papers shall be in Arabic 5 Submit a medical report before marriage for Kuwaitis
Three dinars per copy; one copy for the husband and one copy for the wife
Used Forms
Time required for the transaction
Two hours
Location for transaction accomplishment
Ministries Complex - Block 15 - Ground Floor
Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party
Documentation Control Section - Contracts and Companies Certification Office
Other parties
"Internal bodies: Contracts Registration Office and Corporates External Parties: 1 Churches 2 Embassies 3 Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs