Documenting Corporations of all types: - Joint Stock Company - Solidarity – Limited Partnership - Limited Liability Company - Closed Joint Stock Company - Public Shareholding Company - Holding Company - Charity - Foreign Trade Agency
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Authentication dept.
Ministries Complex
Attendance of the concerned parties or their representative
Required documents
1 Letter of approval from the responsible body in two copies (original and one copy) 2 Civil ID of the concerned person 3 Certificate from the bank or the legal accountant or a or a budget capital or corporate receivables + charitable institution 4 Submit Inheritance declarations + permission to act in the absence of a guardian to the minors
Used Forms
Time required for the transaction
Immediately or two to seven days as per transaction type and size
Location for transaction accomplishment
Ministries Complex - Block 15 - Ground Floor
Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party
Documentation Control Section - Contracts and Companies Certification Office
Other parties
Internal Bodies: Contracts Registration Office and Corporates External Parties: Ministry of Commerce: Commercial Agencies Business Corporates Ministry of Social Affairs