Certificates of the Ministry of Health - Real estate certificates proving the existence/non-existence of a property
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Real estate registration dept.
Ministries Complex ، Liberation Tower Service Center ، Jahra Service Center
Attendance of the concerned person or his attorney under a valid power of attorney
Required documents
1 Original Civil ID of the applicant 2 Death certificate or inheritance 3 Original Civil ID for the applicant's wife instead of the rent 4 Formal PoA of the applicant if Civil ID shall not be submitted
One dinar for each certificate
Used Forms
1 Real Estate Certificate for the property owner 2 Real Eestate Certificate Form (the property could not be located)
Time required for the transaction
Location for transaction accomplishment
Ministries Complex - Block 15 - Second Floor Room 5, Certificates and Indexes Section Al Tahrir Tower Service Center Al Jahra' Tower Service Center Sobhan Service Center
Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party
Real Estate Archives Control
Other parties
"Internal Parties: - Real Estate Archives Control and Automated Information, Final Section and Indexes "
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