Credit and Savings Bank certificates
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Real estate registration dept.
Ministries Complex ، Liberation Tower Service Center ، Jahra Service Center
To be a concerned person or his attorney under a valid power of attorney
Required documents
1 (Original) Civil ID for husband and wife 2 Civil ID for children living in the house and for single persons 3 Copy of the inheritance inventory if the father of the husband is deceased civil number and the citizenship card of the deceased 4 Formal PoA if Civil ID is not submitted 5 Signing the marriage existence acknowledgement
One Dinar
Used Forms
1 Real Estate Certificate for the property owner 2 Real Eestate Certificate Form (the property could not be located)
Time required for the transaction
Location for transaction accomplishment
Ministries Complex - Block 15 - Second Floor Room 5, Certificates and Indexes Section Al Tahrir Tower Service Center Al Jahra' Tower Service Center
Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party
Real Estate Archives Control
Other parties
Internal Parties: - Real Estate Archives Control + Automated Information Control+ Final section and indexes
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