Ownership proof by inheritance and separation
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Real estate registration dept.
Ministries Complex
1 If there are minors among the heirs, a letter from the General Authority for Minors' Affairs shall be attached or the provisions of their guardianship if their guardianship is for others. This applies to the legally-limited and missing persons and charities 2 Permission to dispose for the minors, the legally limited and missing persons, in the event of disposing for them from the other heirs, completing the previous point until the end, provided that the permission is a special one if the disposal is for a relative until the third degree "
Required documents
1 Inheritance inventory 2 Civil ID copy and citizenship card copy for the added female 3 PoAs in case of cash separations 4 Copies of Islamic vouchers 5 The document 6 Copy of the will, if any, a general permission to sell, a special permission to sell if the relevant purchaser is a third degree relative of the guardian himself
"Fixed fee: Ten KD for separation Fixed fee: One Dinar for each inheritance inventory
Used Forms
Third Form First Form
Time required for the transaction
One week as per transaction
Location for transaction accomplishment
Ministries Complex - Block 5 - First Floor
Inquiry Numbers
22486537 - 22486541
Concerned party
Contracts Control - Applications Section
Other parties
Internal Bodies : 1 Technical Affairs Control 2 Contracts Control 3 Archives Control External Parties: 1 General Authority for Minors Affairs 2 Kuwait Municipality 3 Legal Documentation Department