Application for judicial arbitration - arbitral cases
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Judicial Arbitration dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)
The necessity, if the dispute is civil or commercial, to adopt one of the cases provided for in Article 2 of the Arbitration Law for the cases of resorting to arbitration by the agreement of the parties in a dispute between the State and corporates that wholly own their capital, among these corporates, among individuals or between private entities and the government, unless the dispute has been brought before the courts
Required documents
"Submit an application for arbitration (original + copies as per the number of litigating parties) and attachments. Copy of the arbitration agreement or contract containing the arbitration clause Subject of dispute filed before the Authority and the requests and defense of each litigant, in a summary form, as well as the name of the selected arbitrator and a proof to settling his fees"
Free of Charge
Used Forms
"Arbitration Application Form Arbitrator Selection Form Arbitrator Fees Payment Certificate Arbitration Agreement Form, if necessary "
Time required for the transaction
The average term required for the preparatory procedures in arbitral proceedings ranges from 20 to 42 days Average term to settle arbitral cases ranges between 8 months and one year
Location for transaction accomplishment
Judicial Arbitration Department or Court of Appeal as determined by the Authority Chairman
Inquiry Numbers
Direct 4885976/48889343 Switch 882200 Internal 3501
Concerned party
Judicial Arbitration Department
Other parties
- Experts Department
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