"Personal Status: (Jafari-Sunni) Alimony Child Support Residence Rent Maid's Fare Nursery Fare Driver Fare Nursing Fare Delivery of personal items "
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Court of first instance clercks dept.
Palace of Justice ، Hawally Court ، Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y) ، Jahra Court ، Ahmadi Court
Civil ID
Required documents
Marriage contract and divorce contract or according to lawsuit type
Fixed Value at Five Dinars
Used Forms
Time required for the transaction
Location for transaction accomplishment
"For the Sunnis, according to the defendant's address. For the Jafris, the transaction shall be completed in Al-Ruqai Courts Complex All personal affairs lawsuits shall be heard by all courts according to the Defendant's Address First Instance Court (Palace of Justice) First Instance Court (Hawally Court) First Instance Court (Farwaniya Courts Complex) First Instance Court (Al-Jahra 'Courts Complex) First Instance Court (Ahmadi Courts Complex) "
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