Public prosecution and penal clerks department


Will give a general idea of public prosecution in preparation to define the summary prosecution, and  the relationship of the secretary of the investigation work performed during his career as a respiratory Associate of the Department of Public Prosecutions which is penal clerks department  dedicating the second topic and determine their legal nature, and then move in the third theme of the main laws and decrees that set the work of the secretary of the Public Prosecution , where we divided this  in two, the is first section of Law No. (15) For 1979 on the civil service system and the second section of the public prosecutorpdecision no. (10) For 1984 on the distribution of the penal clerks department employeep functions, also went on the updates of this resolution and issuance of Resolution No. (1) for 1999 on the implementation of the automated registration database for criminal cases, and gave a brief idea on how to register a criminal case on this system as we have learned from previous sessions on penal clerks department held in the Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies, and in the fourth theme goes some qualities of the basic qualifications to be in the  secretary of investigation and important remarks on his work.

.In our fifth theme we tried to give an idea about the relationship between the secretary of the investigation and the tables section for received cases and how to take action on registering and recording and the resulting work that makes the secretary of the investigating connected to the tables section for the completion of the tasks carried out by cooperating with the tables clerks.

.The sixth theme of this section was on the most important work of the secretary of investigation of special nature which is and basic duties for its success and the nature of the transition in the case of no connectivity by the prosecutor himself.