Private Attorney
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Civil service centers dept.
Al-siddeeq Service Center ، Avenues Service Center ، Jahra Service Center ، Jleeb Al Shuyoukh Service Center ، Liberation Tower Service Center ، Sabah Al Ahmad Service Center ، Sabhan Service Center ، Yarmouk Service Center
  1. Presence of the person or the attorney
  2. Original agency if the attorney attended
  3. Civil ID
  4. Business Trading license in the case of agencies 
  5. Company's Articles of Association, contracts amended and recently extracted by the management of the Ministry of Commerce
  6. To whom it may concern certificates (Ministry of Commerce and Industry)
  7. Vehicle books if the agency depends on driving vehicles, shipping and travelling
  8. Succession Certification if any

Required documents

Civil ID

2 KD Stamp
Used Forms


Time required for the transaction
15 minutes at least
Location for transaction accomplishment

All Service Centers within the Service Centers Department​ (Except Al Rumaitheya Service Center)​​

Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party


Other parties

Ministry of Foreign Affairs sometimes

Actions in the same building