Marriage from outside of Kuwait
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Legitimate authentication dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)
1. Attendance Concerned Person or his Representative in case of marriage of a male and the attendance of the guardian or the representative in case of female marriage 2. Submit an application to the Director of the Department 3/ Civil ID or the citizenship card of the concerned person 4. Letter to be sent by the Ministry of Affairs, under which a letter shall be sent to the Ministry of Interior, certified to the Foreign Ministry 5. Submit a request to the Affairs and receipt of reply under which a letter to the husband from abroad shall be issued"
Required documents
Fixed Fees: Three Kuwaiti Dinars
Used Forms
Transaction Form (Marriage abroad)
Time required for the transaction
Ten Minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment
Legal Documentation Department (Farwaniya Courts Complex)
Inquiry Numbers
Switch: 1882200 Internal: 3311 - 3313 E-mail: Laud@mojgovkw Website: mojgovkw
Concerned party
Other parties
Public Authority for Civil Information - Department of Systems Development, Ministry of Justice – Ministry of Affairs - Ministry of Interiors - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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