Family list
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Legitimate authentication dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)
Attendance of one of the heirs or those related to the family list, or attorney thereof by a formal PoA
Required documents
Application in the name of the judge – IDs all family members at the establishment of the endowment or to make additions - Inventory of the legacy; that is the family endowment in the inheritance inventory of the endowment
One Dinar
Used Forms
Family list form; manually recorded Family list record
Time required for the transaction
Fourteen Days
Location for transaction accomplishment
(Farwaniya Courts Complex)
Inquiry Numbers
Switch: 1882200 Internal: 3220 Hotline: 24801809 Fax: 24801737 E-mail: Laud@mojgovkw Website: mojgovkw
Concerned party
Legal Documentation
Other parties
"Department of Legacy in the Execution Department, Palace of Justice General Secretariat of Endowments "