Official notification (will and endowment/waqf)
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Legitimate authentication dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)
Attendance of the concerned parties and the witnesses, along with their Ids
Required documents
Civil ID of the legato, the legatee and the witnesses Original document of property ownership and a copy thereof (for endowment or property legacy) Proof by the endowment controller and the transaction concerned person. As for cancellation, attendance of the concerned person and witnesses with their ID's, as well as the original legacy or endowment official declaration
"Fixed Fees: 1 KD Variable Fees: 2 KD for cancellation Five KD to will or endowment transfer"
Used Forms
Will form with one-third or in general – Guardianship form on the minors – Family endowment model - Charity the minors – Family endowment
Time required for the transaction
Twenty Minutes
Location for transaction accomplishment
Legal Documentation Department (Farwaniya Courts Complex)
Inquiry Numbers
Switch: 1882200 Internal: 3202 - 3201 Direct: 24894662 Hotline: 24885629 Fax: 24801737 E-mail: Laud@mojgovkw Website: mojgovkw
Concerned party
Legal Documentation Department
Other parties
Public Authority for Civil Information