Modifying corporate contracts of all types: - Limited liability - Solidarity – Limited Partnership
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Authentication dept.
Ministries Complex
Attendance of the concerned parties or their representative
Required documents
1 Letter of approval from the responsible body in two copies (original and one copy) 2 Submit the establishment contracts or amendments, if any 3 Civil ID of the concerned person 4 Certificate from the bank or the legal accountant or a budget capital in case of increase/ reduction or modification of the legal entity 5 Submit Inheritance declarations + permission to act in the absence of a guardian to the minors or modification of the legal entity
Three Dinars for the first page and two dinars for any other page
Used Forms
Time required for the transaction
Two to seve days
Location for transaction accomplishment
Ministries Complex - Block 15 - Ground Floor
Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party
Documentation Control Section - Contracts and Companies Certification Office
Other parties
"External Parties: - Ministry of Commerce Industry "