Gift Contract and cancellation thereof
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Real estate registration dept.
Ministries Complex
1 If the property is mortgaged, the mortgagee shall be transferred by transfer of ownership 2 In case of donation cancellation by one of the parents, the donor's signature alone is sufficient along with acknowledging the registration application according to the form prepared by the department, in addition to the absence of any objection to return of gift in the event of a change in the description of the property 3. Cancellation of the donation other than by the parents, a permit from the court is required or the consent and signature of both parties on the department form of registration application"
Required documents
1 Proof of kinship 2 Copy of Civil ID
Five Dinars
Used Forms
Fourth Form First Form
Time required for the transaction
One week as per transaction
Location for transaction accomplishment
Ministries Complex - Block 5 - First Floor
Inquiry Numbers
22486537 - 22486541
Concerned party
Contracts Control - Applications Section
Other parties
Internal Parties: 1 Technical Affairs Control 2 Contracts Control 3 Archives Section External Parties: The court (Palace of Justice(