Sales Contract
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Real estate registration dept.
Ministries Complex
"1 If the property is mortgaged, a letter of approval from the creditor shall be attached to the transfer of ownership 2 If the sale or purchase related to a minor, a detained, or a lost/absent person, a letter from the General Authority for Minors' Affairs shall be attached if it is a guardian or the will provisions in case of a selected guardian authorized to dispose with sale, purchase etc. The applicant shall mention the name of the person who paid the purchase value for the minor or the detained person, as well as the manner of disposal. 3 The guardian shall not dispose of the minor's property if the price exceeds 200 thousand KD, except with court permission. 4 Letter with the non-existence of any kinship 5 Certified PoA's , if any Copies of the Civil ID's / Identification Letter and the Certificates of Descriptions "
Required documents
0.05% of propert value
Used Forms
"First Form: Contractors commitment and acknowledgement Second Form: Sale and Due Sale Ninth Form: Acknowledgment of the port "
Time required for the transaction
One week as per transaction
Location for transaction accomplishment
Ministries Complex - Block 5 - First Floor
Inquiry Numbers
22486537 - 22486541
Concerned party
Contracts Control - Applications Section
Other parties
"Internal Bodies: 1 General Register 2 Technical Section 3 Applications Section 4 Contracts Issuance Section 5 Final and indexes 6. Ratification of contracts 7 The Fund 8 Real Estate Archives Section 9 Contracts section 10-Department of Informatics External Parties: 1 Kuwait Municipality 2 State Property 3 Housing Authority"