Arbitrator registration request
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Judicial Arbitration dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)
"To be a Kuwaiti citizen To enjoy a good reputation Has not been previously dismissed from the service by a disciplinary decision, unless three years, at least, have passed since that decision Has not been sentenced to a deprivation of liberty in a felony or misdemeanor prejudicing honor or trust, unless he has been rehabilitated To have the appropriate scientific or practical expertise approved by the Committee "
Required documents
"Certificate of Nationality Civil ID Originals and copies of certificates of the practical experience of the applicant Criminal Status Certificate of the applicant Approval of the administrative body in which the applicant works if he is a public employee Has attended two specialized training courses Pass the personal interview "
Used Forms
Applicant's resume List of the arbitrators' schedules of judicial arbitrators
Time required for the transaction
Location for transaction accomplishment
Judicial Arbitration Department (Farwaniya Courts Complex)
Inquiry Numbers
Director 24886943 24890273 Assistant Director for Technical Affairs 1882200/3529 Assistant Director for Administrative Affairs 24884814 1882200/3529
Concerned party
Judicial Arbitration Department
Other parties
Judicial Arbitration Department Court of Appeal