Documentation of reconciliation contracts between the marital relationship parties (whether in the case of conciliation or divorce) on matters arising from marriage and divorce' such as (alimonies all kinds, dowry, seeing the children, etc.)
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Family consultancies dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y)
"Attendance of the marital relationship parties in person Attendance of witnesses in case the parties or one of them is (non-Kuwaiti) (illegal resident) "
Required documents
"Marriage contract Divorce certificate Civil ID A special PoA for documentation (in case an attorney is attending), with full data Bank letter that includes account number Passport for non-Kuwaitis Letter of the Executive Committee for illegal Residents "
According to the number of transactions to be documented (stamps)
Used Forms
"Documentation Section Form Agreement Contracts "
Time required for the transaction
Thirty Minutes to one hour
Location for transaction accomplishment
Family Consultation Department (Farwaniya Courts Complex)
Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party
Documentation Section
Other parties
Family Consultation Department Certification Department Ministry of Justice