"Provide (psychological and social) family counseling on family problems (marriage and divorce) and discuss the situation Reform of the interrelationship or referral to complete divorce proceedings if reconciliation could not be attained"
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Family consultancies dept.
Farwaniya Court (Al Raq'y) ، Jahra Court ، Ahmadi Court
The presence of the married couple, the husband only or a representative who holds a divorce PoA for either party or both parties, or informing the wife with the date of divorce by the court process server
Required documents
"Original Marriage Contract Ratification of the foreign marriage contract from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the contract Original Civil ID Passport for non-Kuwaitis A special power of attorney for divorce in the presence of an attorney Letter of the Central Committee of the illegal residents Birth certificate of the son present on behalf of his mother "
Used Forms
"Appointment Form Case Study Form Case Study Form (Notification of attendance) (Notification of Divorce Appointment) Addressing Ports Addressing the Area Police Station Referral Form to the Notary "
Time required for the transaction
One to three weeks, depending on the case and the presence or absence of the parties
Location for transaction accomplishment
Inquiry Numbers
Concerned party
Reception and Social Research Department
Other parties
"Family Consultation Department Reception and Social Research Department Communications Department Announcement Section (First Instance Court Register Department) General Directorate of Ports (Ministry of Interiors) Area Police Station (Ministry of Interiors) Legal Documentation Department"